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Ignite Your Business

Sales Strategists.
Movers and Shakers.

WICK is a “hands-on” partner every step of the way, helping companies to succeed . If you are looking expand to your brand’s footprint and build a solid sales foothold outside your comfort zone — WICK delivers for you. WICK is a specialized business advisory firm that supports existing and new companies to achieve world class excellence by igniting their sales. Whether its on a regional level or the international scene, WICK ignites your business!


Our service includes business development, market entry and partner search. Our skills and extensive expertise bring a methodology to your market growth strategy.


  • Increases sales & profitability while reducing the risks in expanding your business.
  • Positions your company for international expansion.
  • Quickly adapts your plan to the various regional and/or international markets.
  • Is active on the ground where and when we need to be.
We join forces with you to challenge established thinking and unlock your company’s full potential.

WICK Mission

What We Do

WICK collaborates with clients to develop and implement a plan that focuses on rapidly increasing top-line revenue growth and market share. By providing tailored time-tested sales guidance and acceleration services, we fast-track your business.

From regional to international, WICK has the experience, the innovative thinking and creativity to ignite your sales.

Where others will tell you what you already know about your business and leave you to implement, WICK puts the plan into action with you. We know all too well that a plan on paper needs to be adapted when facing the reality of the market.

We offer clients the perfect blend of big agency resources and small agency nimbleness. By partnering with industry experts specialized for each client’s needs, we bring the complete set of resources for your success.

How We Do It

We strategize then work with you to implement.
Every successful company needs to deliver great customer experiences, and your approach to selling is the first step in this experience. We bring the insight, discipline and key knowledge needed to achieve this experience for our clients.

The Start

Starting from ground level, WICK takes the time to understand your business, its complexities and its value. We are active on the ground, where and when we need to be.

The Study

We work with CEO, Sales & Marketing Leaders and their teams at an in-depth level to understand your original plan and offer insight on the core drivers of the business.


We select the best market to spark your sales and determine which markets will respond best to your current and future offering.


From e-Commerce to Brick and Mortar, we have the capabilities to establish and accelerate your business efficiently through multi-channel integration.

The Future

We tailor our efforts to your unique circumstances, with the goal of bringing your company to it's full potential.

We follow up on our client’s progress for two years! This is how convinced we are about increasing top and bottom-line revenue and delivering a quality experience for our clients..



Our team has dedicated a number of years exclusively to the development and implementation of sales strategies and the successful execution of those strategies. We have grown by sharing our wealth of knowledge as corporate business members.

We cut through the noise and find the right balance for you to expand your business.

We possess a variety of skills and have different views to answer and tackle various issues businesses face in today’s continuously changing environment.

Decades of Experience

We are an international  business firm with long-standing relationships and on-the-ground experience. We have helped start-ups to global corporations reach their goals.

Team of Skilled Pros

Led by seasoned sales and marketing industry professionals, WICK delivers innovative and effective solutions, We are sales-focused, approaching each client’s need individually.

We Love Challenges!

Our ultimate goal and passion is helping brands to meet the ever-shifting needs of the market and develop powerful sales strategies.

Successful Clients

Over the years, we’ve designed and implemented successful long-term sales and  business solutions. We are results focused, team oriented and put our clients first.



Personal Transportation, e-bike, micromobility and mobility technologies

Segway Global
Delta Investment Switzerland

Consumer Goods

Our agency offers comprehensive media​

Alexio Wine
Play Snow

Sporting Goods

Sports equipment, Sport apparel

Argon 18

Waste & Recycling

Smart City concepts including waste management & recycling technologies

Win Bin
Connect Sytee

The Ignitor

We believe in the power of collaboration, working together to unleash the true potential of your brand.
We are working with the best in the business, providing
custom solutions to our clients, covering all facets
of business sales and marketing.
Claude LeBlond
Founder, CEO

Over decades of sales, starting at the shop level sales floor to executive management, Claude has built a a strong and impactful sales consultancy expertise around three simple values — honesty, integrity and hard work. His passion for the outdoors, people and creativity is what drives him along with his clients' success.

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Stamped Strategies

WICK is in partnership with global marketing agency, Stamped Strategies. From digital to traditional, Stamped Strategies brings fire to e-commerce, social media and brand building. Stamping brands around the world with creativity and functionality.


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